Ready to Eat Foods Introduced by Buzy Woman

Uttar Pradesh, India, April 12, 2015 – Buzy Woman has brought revolution with its new, innovative and enriching concept of Ready to Eat Foods. The company has introduced concept of half cooked and ready to eat foods in the Indian market. This is a completely enterprising concept, already catching its way up in fast growing Indian markets as well as the households.

The concept is not only innovative, but it also holds plenty of practical sense, especially if seen and discussed in context of ready to eat Indian foods in single boil. Buzy Woman understood the need of quick one boil foods, and this is where it has come up with national business venture.

“Our motto is to serve interests of the people, and these largely include families, individuals, working professionals etc. With our ‘Single Boil Meals,’ we have made the way towards new thoughtful, and more significantly the quickest ways of cooking foods. It saves you time and LPG too,” as avowed by CEO of G. Surgiwear Ltd.

Buzy Woman has introduced several Ready to Eat in One Boil recipes, which include ShahiPaneer, Punjabi Choley, Dal-Makhani, Kashmiri-Rajma, Kadi-Pakora, Palak-Paneer, Chana-Dal, Dal-Tadka, Moong-Dal-Halwa, Whole-Wheat Halwa, Chan-Dal-Halwa, Suji-halwa and many more. At Buzy Woman, the process of ordering your favorite food is simple and straight.

Make the Logic, next select the food items to be purchased provide your bank details and then show your preferred mode of payment. Finally, you confirm the transaction. Buzy Woman’s “One Boil” products are also on the shopping list at “Homeshop18.”

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