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How is it different from other products available in the market? Why should I buy it?

Our product differs in taste, yes the taste because we do not (heat) sterilize our product at very high temperatures so the taste is almost fresh. Also you will see that we do not use any artificial preservatives from our side to preserve it from spoiling.

If you do not use any preservatives then why have you written antioxidant E319 in your ingredients list?

Yes, we feel it is ethical to make consumer aware that the oil we use has antioxidant in it, because almost all of the edible oil available in the market contains antioxidant. This is as per permitted limit set by the Govt. Norms.

Are your products safe and healthy? Do they have the same nutrition as freshly cooked food?

Our products are completely safe and healthy, if the pouch has vacuum in it. It is safe because we do not add anything which is outside permitted norms. Also our products have almost same nutrition as freshly cooked food.