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In three steps enjoy home made food (Buzywoman), Guide to .... Food habits that will cure and prevent degenerative dieseases like daisbetes heart attack and joints pain (Food habits for longevity). Buzy Woman always tries to make products cholestrol free and Healthier as we try to minimize animal fat and no Trans fats are used. Oil is packed in separate pouches so that if you want to reduce fat you can do it.


The International Journal of Diabetes in Developing Countries called india as the diabetes capital of the world’ . so the first atep we can take is by educating ourselves about the basis of the disease .

Back to the basics

Our body’s main source of energy i glucose which is a simple sugar. in people who are suffering from diabetes, the sugar cannot get into the cell where it is needed.

Heart problems

Everyone knows that sedentary lifestyle and poor eatinghabits are the reason behind this disease. if the reason is known then why there is no reduction of heart discase patients.

Wrong Choice :

The main problem is your food ‘’you are what you eat’’. There are total 4 groups of food which may harm you.

All the animal products including chicken, fish, meat, eggs, ham are not very good for your heart and even diabetes. As these products have cholestrol and lots of saturated fats in them. Some people feel that fish is not bad but even fish has cholestrol in it. And also some fish can have high amounts of mercury in them which is not good for health.

Right Choice :

The fruits and vegetables and other plant products which are not refined are better choices.

Wrong Choice :

Animal fats including Desi ghee (milk butter oil), Vanaspati ghee, hydrogenatedvegetable oil), Butter, Refined vegetable fats, vegetable oils should be avoided at all cost. The oil when it is in the seeds or nuts is always better because it is in its natural form and is much better alternative than the refined and processed.

Right Choice :

Seeds, nuts, cashews, Almonds, flax seeds powder, Hemp seeds powder, groundnuts are better choices.

Wrong Choice :

Frying and high temprature treatment to any food products specially meat and other animals products are not good for health.

Frying and roasting produces Acrylamide. Based on current stage of knowledge, acrylamide is a natural byproduct that forms when certain carbohydrate- rich foods are fried, baked, or roasted at tempratures above 120 degeree celcius. Acrylamide causes cancer in rats when administred orally in high- dose experiments, increasing tumors in the nervous system, oral cavity, peritoneum, thyroid gland, mammary gland, uterus, and clitoris. There is a margin of 900- fold between the dose that gave cancer to 10 % of rats and human exposure to acrylamide in the diet.

Right Choice :

Boiled or steamed food does not have acrylamide and is a much better choice. For example boiled vegetables. Also Raw vegetables and fruits are better choices.

Wrong Choice :

Reifned food grains like maida, Sugar White Rice are bad for health

All the refined and processed foods like white rice, maida, sugar, biscuits and namkeens, fried samosa, burger, pizza are all wrong choices for your heart health and diabetes.

Right Choice :

Brown Rice, Parboiled rice, whole grain flour, wholewheat flour, legumes, lentils, beans are very good choices.

Pain in Joints (Arthiritis) :

Millions of people around the globe suffer from some form of joints pain (arthritis). It is one of the widespread diseases in India as well. Nearly every family has a history of painful and swollen joints. Sometimes years of medication yields no results. So the question we must ask ourselves is why there is no improvement after all the medical help? Is there something lacking ?

Many will be surprised to learn that arthritis has a strong connection to the food we eat. Certain foods can worsen the condition while some can reverse them. Yes, a change in the menus is in order to ease those arthritic pains.

Common food that trigger joint pain -

Dairy products, meat, eggs

Foods that may trigger joints pain -

Corn, coffee, soy, wheat, nuts

Foods considered as safe for joint pain -

Brown rice, cooked green, yellow and orange vegetables, cooked or dried non- citrus friuts