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Palak Paneer

Palak Paneer

Ready to eat in one boil only.

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Ready To Eat Food in One Boil "4 Easy Steps"


Cottage cheese (45%) Refined Palmolein oil (no trans fats) with antioxidants (E319), IR ihmpdksddMrsvkSjfdlh crZu ess Ildryh di ylift A 213 orZu esa 150 ferry 'Nur MkIvA 150 fest uk us dsfy. II ikop dkiz,ksx disaA 31:11 cr2u dks ed di Our ds mcyus dk burnj disak rsy Oro dkVdj lAysaA 413 chprilchp esa pEcp Is fgykrs jgsaA 513 5 feuV rd crZu dks Old dj jlksaA 613 Loh vsdi lhAteA

Nutrition Facts:

Valeur nutritive Per I /2 Packet (42 g)/pour I/2d Pmhallagell2g)

• Amount Tenor

• Daily Value %Valeurguaidienne

• Calories calories 2519031

• Fat / Lipides 20.1g

• 31.4%

• Saturated /semis 11.1g +Trans /trans Og

• Cholesterol / cholesterol 12 mi

• Sodium / sodium MN

• Carboh rate/ Cluades l0.9g 3.7%

• Protein / Proteins 7.9g


How to use Instructions :

1) Cut open the pouch and empty the pouch into pan. 2) Put 150 ml of water into the pan. Use this pouch to measure 150 ml. 3) Wait till the water starts getting boiled. Then out open and add oil. 4) Cover the pan All all the contents absorbed water and gives full aroma. 5) Keep the pan covered for 5 min 6) Enjoy it.

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